Email Threat Isolation



Sophisticated email attacks continue to proliferate and target vulnerable users around the world, as threats such as spear phishing are on the rise. These attacks often leverage malicious links to infiltrate organizations, with 1 in 6 malicious emails containing a link.1

Moreover advanced email threats such as ransomware are often hosted on malicious links, which trick users into clicking on them and downloading malicious files. In addition, many of these malicious links are newly created links that have little to no reputational history. As a result, traditional email security solutions are ineffective against these types of attacks, as they rely on blacklists or signatures that can only detect known malicious links that have an extensive reputational history.

Many sophisticated email attacks also attempt to steal credentials and other sensitive information from users, as cybercriminals use this information for future attacks or sell this data on the dark web.

Finally, many attackers use malicious email attachments as a primary infection vector by hiding threats such as ransomware and other email malware inside attachments such as Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, or Zip files. These files often contain malicious scripts or macros, which download malware once executed. For instance, Microsoft Office documents now account for 48% of all malicious email attachments, as cybercriminals are increasingly using macros in Office files to propagate malicious payloads.


Introducing Email Threat Isolation

The Symantec Email Threat Isolation solution stops advanced email attacks by insulating users from spear phishing, credential theft, and ransomware attacks.

• Prevent spear phishing and ransomware attacks by isolating malicious links and downloads

• Stop credential theft by safely rendering webpages in read-only mode

• Prevent ransomware and other malware from infecting users by isolating email attachments

At A Glance

Gain Unparalleled Security from Sophisticated Email Attacks

• Insulate users from spear phishing, ransomware, and other sophisticated attacks with elevated levels of protection by isolating suspicious links and downloads in a remote environment.

Prevent credential theft by using read-only protection to stop users from submitting corporate credentials and sensitive data to phishing websites.

• Stop ransomware and other malware hidden in files from infecting users by isolating suspicious email attachments in a secure execution environment.

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